Paulina Borsook: Byzantinum 550 AD
Arianna Bove / Erik Empson: The Dark Side of the Multitude
Chantal Mouffe: Which Democracy in a post-political Age?
Ned Rossiter: Whose Democracy? Information Flows, NGOs and the Predicament of Developing States
Geert Lovink and Florian Schneider: A Virtual World is Possible: From Tactical Media to Digital Multitudes
Soenke Zehle: After the NGO Revolution: Non-state actors at a CrossRoads


New Media and Dark Ages
Mapping the Limits of New Media. By Geert Lovink.


Books around the conference can be ordered at Vienna's English bookstore, Shakespeare & Company. +++++ Dark Markets was also the launch of Geert Lovink's Dark Fiber, a collection of essays on critical Internet culture, to be published in September 2002 by The MIT Press. Translations coming up are German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. +++++ Also newly available "Tactical Reality Dictionary", Konrad Becker on Cultural Intelligence and Social Control, Edition Selene/Autonomedia "A Cognitive Fieldmanual for the New World Information Disorder" (El Iblis Shah)