This is what democracy looks like!
Video, 38 min., 2002
The video picks as a central theme the events that took place around a demonstration against the World Economic Forum in Salzburg 2001. In this demonstration, which was forbidden by the police, 919 demonstrators were encircled in a police blockade and detained for over seven hours.
Was tun? (What's to be done?)
Video, 43 min., online, 2002
Originally a program for the German-French TV station ARTE, the project has been extended online. Whatstobedone.org/Wastun.org is a collaborative streaming media project interweaving video, audio and text contributions on the burning questions of a movement of movements. In Vienna it will be first time presented in form of a video installation. The films feature a general debate about the future of global activism, and then portray three different campaigns: The Italian Tute Bianche, the German Deportation.Class campaign and new labor struggles in the Californian high-tech industries.
Time is on my side
Video, 17 min., 2002
The video deals with political utopias - why we need them, what problems we have with them, how we change our approach to them while getting older, and why it's important for men to take care of their looks. It's a cut-up from different science-fiction-movies (Godzilla, Star Trek, Matrix) combined with a spoken background text.

Vorwärts, ihr freien Schweine! (Go on, you free pigs!)
Video, 25 min., 2002
The focus of this video is our experience of power/domination-structures - and how we get rid of them. Scenes are taken from cartoon movies for children (The Emperor's New Groove, A Bug's Life, etc.). It is very educational, very useful for your everyday life, a must for everyone who has ever considered becoming a free pig.

Public Netbase / t0, Zwischenquartier, Burggasse 21, A- 1070 Wien
October 7 - 11, 2002; 14:00 - 19:00 hours